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Psychiatric Residential Services

Serving children and adolescents, ages 7-17.

Coastal Harbor's Intensive Residential Program offers long-term treatment for children and teens with ongoing behavioral, emotional and/or psychiatric problems. If your son or daughter has not been successful in outpatient and acute treatment settings or has not responded well to long-term care at group homes and other less restrictive residential programs, this program may be your best option.

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We offer specialized units for developmentally delayed children and a separate unit for those with abusive or sexually aggressive behaviors. This separation ensures specialized care for each group as well as safe and secure environments for all.

Education is essential for young people and that is why Coastal Harbor Treatment Center operates a year-round school right on campus for our residents. We are a Title 1 – GA Certified school and provide regular and special education programs so students can continue their education while in therapy. Since many of our residents have had long-term struggles in school settings due to behavior problems, learning disabilities, or a combination of both, we believe it is essential to provide them with every opportunity for academic success. Residents may even earn their GED while at Coastal Harbor Treatment Center.

Coastal Harbor provides programming aimed at treating children from military families. This specialized area is very unique and we are one of the only behavioral treatment centers in the area to offer it.

Patients participate in a level system that sets goals and rewards good behavior with certain perks and freedoms. To advance, residents must obtain signatures from each discipline and exhibit increasingly stable behaviors. Higher levels include participating in off-campus outings and activities on a weekly or bimonthly basis.

In addition to our standard Admissions Process, applicants must also provide a psychological and social history, IQ test scores, current and past behaviors, family history, previous abuse or trauma, and other factors contributing to the child's development.

Children are assigned to specialized units, determined by gender, age and presenting problems. Each unit is staffed by a Psychiatrist, Program Director, Therapist, Senior Counselors, Mental Health Assistants, Nurses, and other professionals who have special expertise in working with children and adolescents. The key components of our program include:

Individual psychotherapy

Each child receives one-on-one psychotherapy, designed to help him or her develop trusting relationships, better understand their emotions and behaviors, develop coping skills, learn to respect and care for others, take responsibility for their actions, and encourage their peers to do the same.

Family therapy

Ongoing family participation and visitation is critical to the success of each patient. If the family resides outside Savannah, we offer telephone and video conferencing for family therapy sessions. We also provide reimbursement for travel expenses for long-distance family members so they may participate in quarterly family visits at our facility.

Group sessions

In these beneficial group settings, patients learn they are not the only ones with difficulties and that they can look to their peers for support and affirmation. These groups focus on personal goals achievement, problem solving, developing essential life skills and improved mental and physical well being. Some of our group sessions include:

  • Goals Group
    This daily group provides an opportunity for children and adolescents to identify and review specific goals targeted on his or her treatment plan.
  • Community Meeting
    This daily meeting is designed to help the group problem-solve issues relating to their community experience at our facility.
  • Life Skills Group
    This group uses skill-building approach to develop social competency and teach a variety of skills such as assertiveness, interpersonal communication skills, problem-solving, conflict management, and understanding and managing feelings.
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