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Treatments & Services

Treatments & Services

Coastal Harbor Health System – Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.

Some of life’s toughest challenges are our specialty. Coastal Harbor Health System’s expert team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, addiction counselors, discharge planners and recreational therapists design individualized treatment plans to help our patients overcome their mental, emotional or psychiatric issues.

Children & Adolescents

If your child is experiencing emotional or behavioral problems, Coastal Harbor Treatment Center’s physicians and trained professionals work with children and adolescents to develop healthy behaviors to cope with ongoing issues.


If you or a loved one is struggling with psychiatric or emotional problems, or is in need of substance abuse rehabilitation, Coastal Behavioral Health’s team of experts is here to help with programs tailored to fit each individual’s needs.


Stress associated with military deployment and reintegrating into civilian life can have a lasting effect. Coastal Behavioral Health’s military mental health programs help with reintegration, rebuilding, resolution and readiness.